Broadoaks, Stapeley

Broadoaks, a luxury new build home in Stapeley, is currently progressing well, on program and on budget. The contractors have been able to work uninterrupted due to a run of good weather and prompt decisions by the Client and the Design Team, led by NC Architecture.

The roof structure has now been erected and the dwelling is starting to take shape. The curved concrete staircase was delicately hoisted in between the erected steelwork and was a challenging aspect of the build.

The dwelling will be one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable dwellings in the area, as it features the use of ground source heat pumps (all the pipes have already been buried under ground in readiness), harnessing solar thermal power via solar panels and the use of a sustainable urban drainage system to drain the surface water via a soakaway.

As the dwelling nears being watertight, we anticipate an accelerated program over the Summer, to complete the project on time, by December 2019.