Contemporary ‘Arts & Craft’ Build Advances Towards Completion

Broadoaks, one of 15 Super Homes NC Architecture is currently working on, is a modern interpretation of the ‘Arts & Crafts’ style. In designing Broadoaks, we have combined the asymmetry associated with ‘Arts & Crafts’, alongside modern finishes and materials.

The ‘Arts & Crafts’ movement spanned over a period of 30 years and spread across much of the UK, reaching its height in the early 20th Century. The aesthetic is about simple, traditional building forms, the use of natural materials and the celebration of craftsmanship and individuality.

A popular style with luxury home owners in Cheshire, the ‘Arts & Crafts’ philosophy is also perfect for modern or traditional family living. In this tradition, the way we choose to interact in rooms and spaces influences the external form of the building, as opposed to the ridged form of a classical house, forcing the internal layout to suit the prescribed exterior language.

On track and due for completion by the end of this year, Broadoaks embodies a style of architecture that is loved by clients who like the character and charm of period properties, but want something on a larger scale. A modern, luxury home full of individuality, Broadoaks is designed in a signature style of NC Architecture’s luxury homes in Cheshire.