Multiple Housing
Canon Street

Planning Permission was granted in 2015 for this contemporary affordable housing scheme in Clock Face. These houses were designed to deliver affordability through efficiency and quality of life for prospective residents. At ground level. the footprint and orientation of the houses maximises the amenity space and parking provision for each unit, whilst the first floor features a compact cantilevered box on the front gable, which externally acts as a canopy over the front door and internally provides an ample master bedroom. The units are predominantly finished in red brick, with larch clad elements to break up the mass of the terraces and give each unit a feeling of individuality.

Key Features: Unique and exciting design, giving residents a sense of identity. Efficient site layout which maximises amenity provision on the site and achieves the highest number of residential units possible for the developer. Affordable housing with low-cost construction in mind.

Project Type
Contemporary Affordable Housing, New Build
St Helens
Planning Approved

The site is located next to a small development of terraced council houses and rather than design an extension to this estate, we wanted to create a new benchmark for the standard of affordable housing in the area.

We designed the new development to contrast visually from the existing housing vernacular and allow the development to create its own sense of place.

In order for the housing to be ‘affordable’, design decisions were made during the concept stage to keep the costs down, for example the introduction of the mono-pitch and the singular external gutter, open plan internal living spaces and low-cost yet good quality material choices.