Luxury Homes
Pond House

The creation of a unique house in a unique setting sees Pond House join the list of exceptional designs undertaken by NC Architecture.

This historic natural flash pond situated off Castle Hill, Prestbury, proved a major challenge to us in trying to design a house that not only was to sit almost invisibly in its natural tree lined setting, but was to provide sufficient quality of accommodation in spatial terms, to make the unique structural solution and end footplate equitable to our clients, given the likely high cost of build.

Project Type
New Build

The ‘fully glazed cube’ sits on three floors offering 250sqm, with one floor fully below ground, acting as the main support for the cantilevered upper two levels projecting out over the pond.

A temporary steel support bridge on piloti is to be formed, to enable the works to be implemented, leading to a newly formed permanent driveway incorporating an innovative covered vehicle turntable.

Three beds and three baths with leisure suite / pool, contemporary kitchen, breakfast and day room / dining, with spectacular lounge, offer a full 180-degree panorama over the open Cheshire countryside.