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We are a dedicated and accomplished team offering a creative approach to design. We strive to combine our expertise and innovative thinking to create fresh and diverse designs, that are based on a keen understanding of architectural heritage and location. Most importantly, the needs and wishes of our clients are central to us. We listen to each brief carefully and work closely with our clients, offering our 40 years of technical and design expertise, to ensure we can maximise the aesthetic and practical potential of every project. We have a very high Planning Approval success rate, currently 99%, which is a reflection of our experience and knowledge of Planning Systems and Policies. We have developed good relationships with Local Authority Planning Departments across the North of England, which have helped us to understand the nuances of distinct Planning issues in diverse locations. We have particular expertise in working on complex designs in greenbelt, open countryside, barn conversions, Class Q, Conservation and Listed Buildings. A fully accredited member of the RIBA’s Chartered Practice, we work primarily across the North of England in areas in and around Cheshire, Manchester, Yorkshire and Liverpool. We incorporate Senior Architects, Architectural Technicians, Interior Designers and CGI Visualisation, to deliver design excellence and first rate client service. Whatever the Project, we will approach it with great enthusiasm and creativity.
5 Things we love...
  • . Imaginative Design Solutions
  • . Breathing New Life Into Listed Buildings
  • . Natural Light Flooded Rooms
  • . Inspired Clients
  • . High Quality Natural Materials
Quotes that inspire us
  • Architecture is measured against the past, you build in the present and try to imagine the future.

    - Richard Rogers
  • Details are not details, they make the design.

    - Charles Eames
  • To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

    - Anatole France
I wonder if the architect
who built a city on rock and roll
ever found work again?
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Armstrong Farm
Winner: What House Award 2013 - Best Luxury House
Finalist: LABC Building Excellence Awards 2011 - Best Individual Dwelling
Blue Hills
Commended: Northern Design Awards 2012 - Best Luxury New Build & Best Property of the Year
Edge House
Winner: Northern Design Awards 2013 - Property of the Year
Highly Commended: LABC Building Excellence Awards 2012 - Best Luxury Home
Winner: Northern Design Awards 2011 - Best Luxury New Build / Winner: What House Awards 2011 - Best Luxury House
Highly Commended: International Property Awards 2010 - Best Property
Winner: What House Awards 2009 - Best Luxury House
Commended: Northern Design Awards 2012 - Best Luxury New Build & Best Property of the Year
Thorn Buildings
Commended: Tameside LBC - Best Build Regeneration, 1996
Winner: What House Awards 2008 - Best Luxury House / Winner: Northern Design Awards 2008 - Interior Design
“Concept for Living” (now Northern Design Magazine) - Best Small Inner City Regeneration, 2000
Finalist: Northern Design Awards 2020 - Best Residential Build
The Hub
Finalist: Northern Design Awards 2020 - Best Commercial Build
A design isn't finished until
someone is using it.
Brenda Laurel
Neil Collins
Meet the Director
Neil is the passionate Director of NC Architecture. After qualifying in 1980 and working in successful mid-size architectural firms, it wasn’t long before he established his own practice. Driven by his desire to build strong relationships with clients that enabled him to fully understand their needs, he aimed to build a practice that could respond with flexibility and creativity, whilst offering a cost-effective and swift turnaround. Neil is an experienced Architect, having worked for 40 years on diverse projects ranging in size, style and function. His expertise varies from Multiple Housing Schemes, Luxury Homes, Leisure Centres and School Extensions. Neil’s work has been inspired by Phillip Johnson, Frei Otto and Frank Lloyd Wright, in particular the common themes of natural forms, natural light and space. Neil has a passion for buildings, that can be both in the landscape and part of it. A seamless integration into the landscape has inspired much of Neil’s approach to designing homes in Cheshire’s open countryside and greenbelt. His designs maximise natural light in a way that facilitates the synthesis of inside and the natural world outside. Neil is dedicated to working closely with clients to help them achieve their goals. Believing anything is possible, whether commercial or residential, Neil has been able to find innovative ways of designing new buildings on complex sites and breathing life into Listed Buildings, adding value whilst retaining the essence of the protected building. Central to Neil’s philosophy is his commitment to designing engaging and comfortable spaces for their occupants; it is essential to him that he is able to achieve this whilst delivering on the commercial objectives of his client’s brief and each unique site. 40 years after qualifying, Neil remains enthusiastic and committed to delivering for each and every one of his clients.
North west architect
If you weren’t an optimist
it would be impossible
to be an architect.
Norman Foster
Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.
Joe Soparano

MeetThe Team

Architect - Tom Woodcock
Tom Woodcock
"I am a design driven Architect with a passion for places, buildings and design. First and foremost I believe that buildings should be products of their context. Something which I feel favourite architect Tom Kundig’s buildings represent perfectly."
North west architect - Yan Lee
Yan Le
Senior Associate
"I see design as a balance of creative and analytical processes. I’m drawn to the challenges associated with the re-use of existing forms and structures. Each has its unique story to tell, which is retained in the buildings’ fabric."
Maria Moore
Senior Architect
"I am a great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, not only how well form and shape suit each site and its surroundings, but also how the internal spaces are uplifting and airy. ‘I believe the way people live can be directed a little by architecture’ – Tadao Ando"
Mario Varricchio
Project Architect
'Architecture is inhabited sculpture' Constantin Brancusi. As a young student I was passionate about art and sculpture, this inspired my love of Architecture. As an Architect, I enjoy applying my creativity to shape spaces, playing with geometry and light to transform the quality of our built environment.
Hayley Kirui
Architectural Assistant
“I have always loved to see how different cultures and experiences can be expressed through architecture. I enjoy experimenting through sketching and model making to produce creative solutions. This allows me to combine my passion for art and design with my love of problem solving.”
Adam Southern
Senior Architectural Technician
"With a passion for Design & Technology, I was drawn to Architecture at an early age. Throughout my career I’ve been privileged to work on a spectrum of projects ranging from Medieval to Ultra-modern, each presenting its own set of unique challenges. The joy for me is overcoming these challenges with the intricacy of the technical detail that goes behind the finished product. "
Libby Frobisher
Architectural Assistant
"Whilst at university, my tutor introduced me to the concept that architecture inhabits three key realms, the personal, the political and the potential. Bridging the gap between these key themes is an exciting everyday challenge, one that allows me to exercise creative problem solving through multiple mediums but especially through hand-drawing and model making."
Sam Watson
Senior Architectural Technologist
"For me architecture is about the detail, a beautiful scheme is developed by drawing on inspiration and working in collaboration when designing even the most subtle connections. This is something I try to bring into every project team I am part of."
Hannah O'Neill
Architectural Assistant
"Through experiences in both practice and academic study, I have developed a keen interest in sustainable architecture and technologies. I love seeing how new sustainable techniques and methodologies can be applied within residential projects, benefitting both homeowners and the environment alike."
Mohsen Nasimi
Architectural Assistant
"I have always appreciated the distinction of magnificent architectural projects standing out amongst the generic, copy and pasted grey cityscapes. Today, I strive to apply my years of architectural study and experience to add value to our surroundings."
Architect -Debi Evans
Debi Evans
Office Manager
"After 9 years working here, I have a keen appreciation for architecture, which is something I enjoy exploring on my travels. My job satisfaction comes from managing the office environment, to support and assist my colleagues."
Mark Collins
Development Director
"A successful business requires one simple thing - passion. I'm proud to bring a commercial and business focus to our expert team of creatives. I enjoy applying my years of management experience and keen interest in multiple housing and student accommodation schemes to drive forward the continued growth of our company."
Lucie Whiteman
Project Liaison Manager
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Larry Elder. I enjoy applying my organisational, marketing and finance management skills to move the Practice forward, as it continues to grow and expand into new development sectors."
Julie Harrison
Architectural Interior Designer
“An interior is the natural projection of the soul" - Coco Chanel. To be happy in one’s space, is to be happy in one’s soul. ‘Balance’ is fundamental to everything, natural or designed, and is therefore the keyword and goal in all aspects of my work. Great design excites our creative inspiration, elevates our energy, balances our senses, and soothes our soul.